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Price ?

JAC said each industry has its own course of development, the emergence of a vacuum from the start to the first, this time must be of high profits due to high profits, many suppliers put on the battlefield, this time we are very happy, because the market is large, we can make money, and is conducive to the development of the industry.

But undue increase suppliers oversupply problem, then start killing each other, competing for small cake, the price war is the primary strategy for everyone, customers bargain crazy, crazy cheap counterparts, leading to a lot of people think it is difficult to trade do. But do we have here killed in a price war? Customer no need for high-quality, fast delivery pay, because that is our supplier should do and must do the duties and responsibilities, he will only get what he’s worth paying the price.

Last week we came a German customer inquiry, the product to be very urgent, but only 3D document, other requirements are listed in the mail, through Facebook updates customers not only know the customer’s company is now moving plants and due to business needs a lot of hiring drafters, so now draw and improve the production drawings should be an urgent problem customers, and when the team share this information, the team unanimously decided to offer to customers at the same time and in accordance with customer requirements to a perfect along to the customer drawings. Sure enough, the customer receives a message that our products offer 18 euros, the customer said to give him 120 euros or 140 euros he will accept, we help him a great favor.

And we just did what we should do as a supplier of a job, but then customers have such a sense of trust. In our reply we need 18 euros for production when the customer actually an additional e-mail immediately, once again advance into the € 10,000 advance payment, because customers perceive our value.

Understandable now foreign trade situation is very serious indeed, but as long as we remain the same, to replace the price war by value, not only in this battle on a firm footing


The value is 2000 of die, we quote 20000 why the customer said worth

“What? You have to charge a fee of tens of thousands die? We are suppliers received only two thousand or so ……” “Oh, is already in mass production is not it? I ask that, it is a continuous mold ? What is the problem now produce it? “” Oh, this is what I find you reason. they said to  now a lot of problems ah …… ”

And the customer off the phone, I quickly opened the micro-channel, because he said he’d send some photos Product question now point to me. And he is to discuss the product, is a 16mm height 13mm diameter aluminum housing parts, unilateral wall thickness 0.3mm. Monthly demand of about 100,000. Depending on the size and number of products on the drawing conditions, we need to consider the production of a deep drawing dies for stamping. Guests also need to understand that mold, but listen to me a mold to tens of thousands, and now the suppliers received only about 2000 “Die” fee, I feel particularly strange.

Photos received defective products, a variety of good variety of issues. Only from the exterior, deformation, burrs, scratches, dents, etc., and she said there are a lot of poor dimensional accuracy, because the photo shoot does not come out, so we did not send over. I asked him: “? Have you been a vendor now,” he said: “No”, I asked him: “? That’s how you know it is a continuous supply of commercial mold” “engineer told me,” he answered. Road. So I had an idea, because he sent from bad products, the mold is not continuous, but the production of simple stretching mold out of the way with a single punch.

I will say to my view of him, he seemed suddenly realized:. “No wonder I gave them one thousand Shihai barely, but requires thousands of quantities would not pay people to arrange the shipment tracking site also only in batches to pay a little bit, but there is also a variety of defective products, but only full inspection again, keep up the production schedule …… completely assembled people are complaining that obviously do assemble, but why He became do choose another …… ”

Phones that customers press is not particularly clear, I’m about to go on together with him we die third plant commissioning. Because there are a dozen presses, deep drawing dies not only for debugging, but also help customers processing all types of cars stretching parts. To the scene, I started from how to mold design to mold parts where the processing, to where the mold assembly, and finally how to punch punching processing the entire process have carried out one by one explanation. And, we also detailed his aluminum material of this stretch of the processing program. For example, we may be designed to continuously stretching mold processing, with 110 tons press can produce about 40 products per minute, due to the aluminum stretching prone to iron, there will be parts of the side stretching fine lines, if the appearance of demanding, we can do after sandblasting anodized. Mold design time is 5 days, but cross-like time to 30 days, mainly to mold parts processing and commissioning time should be taken into account. Guests asked to mold life issues, we will usually designed to 5 million times the standard red told him, because our template DC53 material, mold is S50C, MISUMI standard parts, but all its own non-standard parts processing. He asked stretch precision parts are able to do much, we are concentricity 0.03 or less, and roundness is 0.01 or less, 0.02 or less partial amount of meat, runout 0.03 or less. Before the start of production, quality control testing products will be qualified before beginning batch processing, production, sampling will be once again at the time of shipment will be carried out in accordance with AQL0.25 final quality check every hour, and will be attached with the goods inspection report……

Customers at the scene learned a lot, see that he should have no previous contact so close to punching. Near the end he said to me: “I finally know why the price of your mold and suppliers now not the same …… I believe you do find this tensile aluminum piece is tricky …. .. ”

At the reception, the guests have been emphasizing that they also want to make high-quality products, because their industry is also facing fierce competition, they want in terms of quality can make a difference, with the quality to win customer orders. We note that recently more and more like customers find us, they all have one thing in common, that both suffered losses in other places, and then search the Internet after a friend introduced or recruited. In particular we have been heard to supply the Japanese market, the conversation began to trace appreciation and expectations. Chat with the guests, we can feel we are for the upgrading and restructuring efforts made in China, and many times we can feel full of positive energy. Very happy, we can use many years of experience in precision machining to help some customers, so that our value to be reflected at the same time, we also gain the opportunity to continue to grow.


Japan training: mainland heat treatment can not do, why Japan can do?

March 9, Tokyo morning under raining the temperature dropped to 12 degrees, I with our manager went to in Kanagawa “Muto Kogyo Co., Ltd.,” the heat treatment plant to pick up products. we got off the train and crossed a river went to a nearby factory,there are many precision machinery factories, surface treatment, heat treatment plants, however the river is very clear so that people can see the sand under the river.
This product is need to do, part heat treatment”, we check the 4 ~ 5 heat treatment plant which one are around the Shenzhen and Dongguan, the all plants need to change part to whole. Kodate san think it is invalid, he go directly to heat treatment plant to check with an experienced workers explained in detail. Finally the workers agreed to the challenge, but another difficult decision is the material S55C replaced to SKS3. But the designer does not accept changes to the material or can not change the overall heat treatment. This is why we find the japan treatment to do this products.
After picked up goods, enthusiastic manager of factory took us to visit the factory and introduce the factory detailed. There are 2 the highest metal heat treatment technician , there are 11 people are level 1 metal heat treatment technician, 2 people for metal heat treatment technician level 2. All the equipment on the first floor about 800 square meters. Vacuum, low vacuum, dip charcoal, compartmentalized, cryogenic treatment, high frequency, oil cooling, passivation, sandblasting, bath, shock, which are processed in factory. Only three people work during the day, five sales visited the customers all the day. Every day 5:00 pm the sales clerk to set the product into the heating furnace. 2 people from the night shift guard, cooling hardness was measured after 5:00 am out, the clerk and then send them back. Full operation of the entire heat treatment temperature management by a centralized computer system, the heating time to be alert. All customers the product’s “heating temperature Report” permanent preservation, can be provided at any time
The products need to do the first use with Sanso ba バーナー silver solder gas pan, then 600 degrees tempering. Heat time by the surface color of the product is determined, Heat time is too short low hardness, heat deterioration of the product for too long, so this heat treatment need to accumulate a lot of experience. “Sanso ba バーナー” is a flammable gas, needed in Japan to obtain a recognized national certificate before you can use it for work.
Now many mainland manufacturers like to do simple and lucrative job, the gap will be greater and greater, the last surviving difficult. The courage to challenge new things, people or companies able to get a lot of opportunities.


I was training in Japan – glasses shop integrated services Seller

When the company organized “Japan Tour” in May last year, i want to buy the glasses in Japan, it was seeking only attractions. Today accompanied with a friend of mine to go on optical shops. In addition to the clerk who entered the shop gentle smile of course, outside of the identification display was orderly glasses. A radiant male clerk came to greet us, “Welcome.”
<a href=”http://www.kanoublog.com.de/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/01.jpg”><img src=”http://www.kanoublog.com.de/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/01.jpg” alt=”01″ width=”500″ height=”375″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-1766″ /></a>
Staff: Hello Mrs! Glad to serve for you, in here you can try any one glasses, what kind of style you like. . . . . . ?
Me: I just looking. . . . .
Staff: Mrs, this piece of red glasses you choose is suitable for your complexion, rosy, just now this products is doing to promote, the price is very affordable.
I heared staff said, looked after the discount price including frame price, seems to be quite cost-effective.
Staff: Mrs, did you decide to this one? I’ll give you measure the degree of myopia. If there are the lenses in stock, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes of production, you can wait in the shop or go somewhere else and then come back to pick it up.
Me: It’s not a very long time, I wait here.
Staff: Mrs, glasses prepared well, please try, it seems a little loose, I’ll give you a little Adjustment.
Me: Yes, I need it to a little tight, as tight as possible because I hope that I can not find the shop to adjustment.
Staff: I slightly adjusted down, afraid you wear tight uncomfortable. If you wear during your discomfort can go live optical shop near the adjustments.
Me: do you have chains in Tokyo? (Optical shops in Nagano)
Staff: ~~ ah? In Japan, you can go to any optician all will be happy to serve for you like cleaning glasses or loosen the tightening, no one will refuse.
Me: oh, are you not just sale? Just be responsible for the glasses to sell, why their own making, Is it not enough manpower?
Staff: glasses sold is part of my job, each employee is required here greeting customers→ Sales → myopia measured→ check out →frame assembly → products debugging.
<a href=”http://www.kanoublog.com.de/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/02.jpg”><img src=”http://www.kanoublog.com.de/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/02.jpg” alt=”02″ width=”500″ height=”162″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-1767″ /></a>
Perhaps it is not the same mode service, I remember every time I go Fuyong “Treasure Island glasses shop”, it seems only the clerk responsible for sales, production and assembly of the whole by the technical instructors to complete. Last week to Tokyo Tamakawa factory to process plant parts, the operating staff to finished parts directly to me and tell me the size of drawings have been checked, very confidently said, “You can rest assured that use.”
While many people are still said I only can do XXX while controversial, others have learned to walk in front of a lot, when it comes to the economic downturn, unemployment must be “I cannot do any XXX people.” So be sure to cherish now have to work in order to always have often ruminating so far and what can I do about it?


Products reflects characters

Nov. 11th is now a worldwide shopping carnival after Ma had found the business chance from a national single day. On this crazy and happy day this year, we also gain a “crazy” German customer. Searching for precision machining parts manufacturers on Google, this customer find us and sent an inquiry of small quantity drawings to us. He especially asked us if we had the experience of cooperating with Germans. We came to understand that the customer has a strong sense of quality and credibility. Since we have cooperated with several Germany customers, we are quite confident with this opportunity. During the mutual communication, the background of Japanese management and quality awareness of our company add more reassurance to this customer. Less than one hour after the quotation, the customer immediately sent the third message which says the price is OK and let us offer him the payment and payment terms. This is really a great surprise for me. But many years’ working experience just made me more calm and rational. I told our customer the payment terms and other details. To my surprise again, he sent me the bank transfer list with all our money payed, together with the handling charge. In the follow-up communication we learned from customers that he can clearly feel our sincere and credibility, so he had nothing to worry about. And our effort also shortened the delivery time from 10 days to

good7days, the customer gave us a big praise and affirmation email after receiving all the goods.

Soon after the first batch of production, the customer sent a new inquiry. Until now, Our impression in the minds of customers is fast delivery, good quality, there are only seven days of production time and 65 products need to be shipped to Germany. On receiving the requirements, we immediately hold a team meeting to discuss the processing, quality, technology and express ways. After careful evaluation we give a positive reply to our customer that we can do it. This time, he payed three times more advance money to us. Just as what he said, there will be many chances for us to cooperate with each other. So the money is just for preparation. Colleagues all say that the I have got a good customer, but look back to the communication process with customer, there is actually a “causal loop” rule. We always believe the management principle that products reflect characters and insist on the quality requirement of customer-focused, full participation and continuous improvement, and thus we can win the trust of customers and so as to get a win-win fruit.. five